Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Differing Levels of Receptivity

Recently I had the privilege of witnessing to people from three very different cultures at a large, secular university. The first opportunity came when an African-American woman sat down at the table where I was drinking coffee and reading the campus newspaper. In answer to a diagnostic question, she indicated that she was basing her salvation on good works. She was very receptive to the true gospel, and in a short time she surrendered her life to Christ in repentance and faith. The other two opportunities were quite different. I shared the gospel with four Sunni Muslims and with an agnostic Chinese man. In both cases the people heard the gospel but did not accept it. Hopefully some good seeds were planted that will eventually be harvested.

Clearly, there's just one gospel, but there are many levels of receptivity, and the strategies we use to present the gospel can vary. When I encounter witnessing situations with non-receptive people that are challenging, it stimulates me to increase both my prayer life and my apologetic preparation. I am continually amazed at the divine appointments that God lays before me. Thank you, Lord!