Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday’s Sermon Outline

Introduction: It’s possible for a non-Christian to pick up a Bible and be saved without assistance from a Christian. It’s also possible for a Christian to explain the plan of salvation and lead a non-Christian to Christ without quoting or reading Scripture. The ideal situation, however, is for a Christian to utilize the Bible to witness to a non-Christian. In all cases, a special, supernatural work of the Holy Spirit is required for the conversion of a non-Christian.

1. Sometimes the Spirit leads us to strategic non-Christians at the perfect time (Acts 8:26-28).

2. We should obey the Spirit’s leading and utilize Scripture in our witness (Acts 8:29-31, 35). The Bible is a sword that is helpful in the spiritual battle that occurs during evangelism (Hebrews 4:12).

3. We should encourage the immersion of true believers, those who believe with all their hearts (Acts 8:36-39).

Conclusion: True conversions occur when people under conviction are willing to surrender all of their lives to Christ in repentance and faith. These people should experience immersion as a symbol of death, burial, and resurrection.