Friday, June 05, 2009

Grits in the Old Testament

I am in the process of reading through the Bible. I noticed Leviticus 2:14,16:

"Also if you bring a grain offering of early ripened things to the LORD, you shall bring fresh heads of grain roasted in the fire, grits of new growth, for the grain offering of your early ripened things. . . . The priest shall offer up in smoke its memorial portion, part of its grits and its oil with all its incense as an offering by fire to the LORD." (emphasis mine, NASB)

Rather than "grits," the NKJV has "beaten grain," and the KJV has "beaten corn."

I don't think we need to offer such grain offerings today, but isn't it interesting that grits are mentioned in the Bible? Those of you who have not eaten grits need to try them for breakfast. When my wife and I were in South Korea as IMB missionaries, we made grits for some Americans who were in the country for a few weeks training at a Hyundai plant. We knew that they were missing Southern food. They were all from Alabama. The new Hyundai plant is in Montgomery, where my wife went to Robert E. Lee High School. We conducted a worship service for them on a Sunday and served the grits. Needless to say, they really enjoyed those grits in South Korea.